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Patients Come First

Dr. Wildstein and his staff make every effort to treat patients compassionately, thoroughly and in a timely manner. Your speedy road to a successful recovery is our top priority, and we believe our patients agree. Browse through just some of the many positive patient comments we receive as well as view personal video testimonials. Finding a credible, reliable and personable surgeon can seem daunting, but we hope our patients' experiences speak for themselves. 

Dr. Wildstein operated on my back after I had been to 3 other back surgeons who told me they couldn’t do anything for me. He was kind, considerate, and spent so much time with me and my wife explaining exactly what he would do in the operation to try and help fix my back pain and what to expect along the way. My operation was 4 months ago and I am now cured of my back and leg pain and a normal human again. He is a miracle worker!
— patient review
I have been home for three days now and am still just amazed at how quickly the surgery went. Just four nights ago (before surgery), I had to lift my leg up each stair; take over 5 mins to get up from a chair, and getting in and out of shower was a lengthy process. Now, to be able to do all of these things normally is just FANTASTIC!! This surgery has given me back MOTION!!
— Ginny
This note is to thank you again and formally for returning me to a strong and healthy back as well my healthy body that is no longer dependent on narcotics. After suffering with sciatica for over 20 years, you have been the FIRST to diagnose the cause of sciatica and how to best fix the problem with minimally invasive surgery. Thank you seems insufficient for expressing the gratitude that I have towards you each morning that I awaken to the miracle of no sciatic pain!!
— Ruth
I fell, broke my wrist, injured my back, and lost most of my dignity. You performed a miracle on my wrist. It has healed perfectly...I have complete use of it and the incision is so small that it looks like a fine thread under the skin—barely noticeable. You are, indeed, a skilled and excellent surgeon, and I am very appreciative of your talent and the care given to me.
— Dorothy
I walked into Roper Hospital at 10 a.m. (for my procedure with Dr. Wildstein) and walked out without any pain in my legs or back at 2 pm…I’m pain free and I’ve turned in my handicap parking ticket. I appreciate the work Dr. Wildstein did. I feel great!
— Carl
We want to thank you for the outstanding care you gave to our husband/father over Thanksgiving weekend. You and everyone at Roper were so compassionate, professional and competent. We were in a very vulnerable situation and we could not have landed in better hands! Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts!
— -Bello Family
I felt good enough to get up and walk the halls 2 hours after leaving the recovery room...I no longer had the pain in my shoulder. I no longer had the sense of the numbness, tingling or pain in my arm!
— Rick
Thank you so much for fixing my aching back. I am so happy. I can walk, sit, stand and sleep without pain. You have ‘blessed hands’ and I wish you the best.
— Milena
I’m feeling great. I’m having much less pain than before. I think it (my procedure) was a great success!
— Ms. Howard
I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for not only taking good care of Steve after his bike accident, but for taking care of me and Hannah too. I will never forget how kind you were to us. I know I was an emotional mess. It was scary being so far away from home and not having the support of loved ones. I truly, from the bottom of my heart, appreciate everything you did.
— Stacie
Just a few of the thank you cards and letters Dr. Wildstein and his staff receive each week from happy patients.  

Just a few of the thank you cards and letters Dr. Wildstein and his staff receive each week from happy patients.  

I have dealt with some serious back issues and Dr. Wildstein has always made himself available to me and he personally does follow up calls to make sure you are well. He definitely cares a lot about his patients. He has operated on me 3 times now and each experience with him, I felt completely informed and well taken care of - I would recommend him to anyone! He is really a great doctor and surgeon!
— Kate
I received the best possible care thanks to Dr. Wildstein and his staff. I incurred a back injury a few months ago and called the office (Heather). The office was more than accommodating, and I saw the doctor the next day. After some tests I was again worked in quickly and Dr. Wildstein laid out a plan to correct my injury. During this visit and all visits Dr. Wildstein made sure that I was informed and comfortable with each procedure. After a series of alternatives, it was evident that surgery was needed. The patient first attitude and his expertise were more than comforting. After the surgery his follow-up and accessibility were extraordinary. Needless to say, the operation was very successful, and I am very appreciative of the efforts of Dr. Wildstein and his staff.
— Ron
I had suffered for 19 months with horrific pain. I had surgery elsewhere in November 15 and the pain worsened, along with nerve blocks pain pills. Etc.
One week after surgery with Dr. Wildsteins and I am a different person. I thank God for this wonderful doctor and St. Francis Hospital. Nancy is a wonderful lady to work with at his office, there’s no better. Her personality and charm is purely a southern delight. Most of all you will like his little dog. So sweet. Not only are you dealing with a genius doctor, but you’re in a place of Southern charm and hospitality. Please don’t stay in the pain you’re in, try Dr. Wildstein. Visit with him a couple times-he is very explanatory and you will know everything that is going on in your body. Thank you again to Dr. Wildstein and his staff
— Nancy B.
Lea and I are so grateful for the care you have provided since her accident. From our first encounter in the ER, we have felt both relieved and confident in your care. Your ability to educate and reassure both of us in a time of crisis will always be remembered and appreciated. While your degrees are a result of skill, training and years of education, your work is indeed a mitzvah.
— Teresa